Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A Writer at Last

To Ride the Rain

Hi All,

I'm Antonia Spadafina. I just had my first novel published on Amazon Kindle. I'd be tickled pink -- and every other color in the rainbow -- if you would be good enough to advance to Amazon and check it out.

Here's the link, to save you some search time:

The novel takes place in the very near future. Vampires were discovered about fifty years before. Some are good, some are evil, and many dwell in that middle ground - just like mortals. There are Hunters, who are the elite law enforcers, trained to deal with vampires. Investigators do the early leg work, or the follow-ups, gathering necessary information. Transporters move a vampire from point A to point B. Usually point B is an Adjudication facility, where the vampires are judged, and released, incarcerated long-term or terminated.

This first novel in the Vampires in the City series sets the stage for the rest of the books to come. I hope you'll enjoy the series.

Dinner in the Meatpacking District of New York City can be a culinary adventure but rarely does it involve gunplay and chaos. Combine a group of vigilantes dedicated to eradicating all vampires, an ancient vampire and a veteran Hunter, and you get an explosive combination. Secrets stand revealed, and a friendship as deep as brotherhood is tested by a startling revelation that alters the course of several lives. 

Romance blooms and fades under the Southwest sun. Hope thrives until it sparks the embers once again in New York City, leading to a blazing culmination of passion.

A beautiful tale of two people who are so different and yet so drawn to each other, linked by a love that is both tenuous and elusive, like trying to ride the rain.

My good friend Lynnor Bontigao did the cover art. Striking, right? She's talented professional.